Decorative Line

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Decorative Line



Flyers offer a cost-effective way to reach a wide audience and increase brand visibility. They provide a tangible and customizable marketing tool that can be distributed in various locations, generating leads and driving customer engagement.



T-shirt designs are a powerful form of self-expression and branding. They allow individuals and businesses to showcase their unique style, beliefs, or messages. T-shirt designs can spark conversations, foster a sense of belonging, and serve as walking advertisements, making them a versatile tool for personal or promotional purposes.

Business Cards


Business cards serve as a compact and professional representation of a business or individual. They facilitate easy exchange of contact information, making networking more efficient. Business cards also enhance credibility, leave a lasting impression, and provide a tangible reminder of the brand or person, making them a valuable tool for networking and building relationships.



They are cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising, provide a visually impactful way to grab attention, and can be easily customized to target specific audiences and locations, making them a versatile marketing tool for businesses.



Pamphlets or booklets are effective marketing tools due to their tangible nature, allowing businesses to provide detailed information about their products or services. They can be easily distributed in various locations, making them accessible to a wide audience. Additionally, pamphlets and booklets can be kept by individuals for future reference, serving as a lasting reminder of the brand or message.



Postcards are cost-effective, attention-grabbing, and have a high likelihood of being noticed and kept, making them an effective marketing tool for businesses.



Logos are essential for businesses as they represent the brand's identity in a visual and memorable way. A well-designed logo enhances brand recognition, fosters credibility, and helps differentiate businesses from competitors.

Fridge Magnets


Fridge magnets offer ongoing visibility and brand presence as they are placed on a frequently visited location in homes or offices, serving as a constant reminder of the business or message. They are also functional, serving a practical purpose of holding notes or important documents, making them a useful and long-lasting promotional item.



Ads play a crucial role in marketing by effectively promoting products or services. They capture attention, convey key messages, and generate brand awareness. Well-crafted ads have the power to influence consumer behavior, drive sales, and create a lasting impact in the minds of the target audience.

Social Media Posts


With eye-catching visuals and concise messaging, social media graphics can quickly capture attention and drive user interaction. Social media graphics also provide an opportunity to showcase brand personality, increase brand visibility, and encourage social sharing, thereby expanding the reach and impact of the content.

Door Hangers


Door hangers provide a direct and targeted way to reach a specific audience, as they are placed directly on doorknobs or handles. They are hard to ignore, ensuring high visibility and potential engagement, making them an effective marketing tool for local businesses or specific campaigns.

Push Cards


Push cards, also known as palm cards, offer a compact and informative format for conveying key messages. They are easily distributable at events, rallies, or door-to-door campaigns, providing a tangible and memorable reminder of a candidate, cause, or campaign. Push cards serve as a concise and effective tool for increasing visibility, engaging with constituents, and driving support.

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Razify Designs Pricing

I offer flat rates for specific print and digital media designs that include ideation, planning, and up to 2 revisions. Additional revisions will increase the overall price. For more involved/complex projects I charge $35/hour. I will keep a detailed log of hours worked with specific tasks completed and bill accordingly.

Brochures and booklets will be charged at a rate of $35/hour. A price will be agreed-upon before the project begins once the design parameters have been established (# of pages, size, content, etc.).

For additional pricing details or any questions, please contact me by text, call, or email.

With all projects communication is essential! Please provide the exact text to be included in the graphic and any color/design criteria which must be adhered to. I’m always available to speak and work with you regarding any project! So please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

My Qualifications

I am currently the graphic designer for COVID-19 Wall of Memories, for whom I've completed over 150 social media graphics that helped shine a light on those who've died from COVID-19.

I was the state-wide graphic design consultant for EMGAGE Texas for an entire year, completing over 200 graphics in that time. My work included flyers, door hangers, fridge magnets, t-shirts, pamphlets/booklets, logos, banners, posters, social media posts, advertisements, postcards, and more.

I designed all the graphics used for the 2020 Grand Opening of the Multi-Cultural Center in Webster, TX. This included the presentation, program booklet, pop-up banner, table signs, flyers, raffle tickets, donation cards, push cards, and more.

I interned for the City of Houston, Dept. of Public Works and Engineering, as an internal communications graphic designer. My designs were displayed city-wide and helped keep employees informed.

Text, Call, or Email me anytime!

Razi Nasrullah

(713) 471-8638